NRL is always accepting applications, but we currently have openings for these specific positions:

Account Manager

Account Managers are primarily responsible for communicating with customers and vendors, processing orders, and working with other departments to ensure orders are finished in time. Learn More / Apply Online

General Production

General Production workers are employees that provide a variety of different production tasks that help many departments. They can assemble, deburr, clean parts, package parts, and preform a variety of different bench work tasks. Learn More / Apply Online


Assemblers are primarily responsible for putting together product into high-level assemblies in accordance with customer requirements and time restraints. Learn More / Apply Online


Programmers are responsible for creating programs on the computer that go into machines to run parts efficiently and effectively. Learn More / Apply Online

Setup Operator

Setup Operators are primarily responsible for setting up machines for parts to run. The parts may be a new or repeat job, but it needs to be set up to run in the machine, which requires changing tools, loading programs, and setting up fixtures to hold the material. Learn More / Apply Online

Machine Operator (Day-shift or Night-shift Available)

Machine Operators are primarily responsible for maintaining shift production by ensuring machines are running. This is done by loading and unloading machines, inspecting parts, and monitoring machines for any issue that may slow or stop production.  Learn More / Apply Online

Maintenance Mechanic

The Maintenance Mechanic is responsible for keeping NRL’s plant and equipment clean, in good working order, and in accordance with NRL standard operating procedures.  Learn More / Apply Online

Quality Assurance Inspector

Quality Assurance Inspectors are primarily responsible for inspecting product to ensure it is in accordance with NRL and customer policies.  Learn More / Apply Online